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As Executive Manager, Patty Brubaker works closely with Popcetra’s clients and CEO to evaluate growth opportunities, define strategy and vision and guide the day to day operational business development activities. She is a natural born leader that brings to the table her unique creativity, successful strategy solutions, organization skills, and eagerness to help the clients be prosperous in their careers. Patty aggressively books gigs for the clients to perform and makes sure they are marketed and communicated to the various networks. Some of Patty's current musical artists are: Tattu, an up and coming music composer and producer from Mumbai, India. Jennifer Crestol, who has the voice of an angel. Nick Palance, hailed as the new "American Bocelli." Official Young Mob, a hip hop group that is making a name for themselves out in LA. Lisa Liu, the violinist who has an impressive portfolio which includes names such as Duran Duran and Film names such as Hunger Games. Her business philosophy is basic and straight forward, “Everyday we build our relationships with our clients based on trust, by establishing strong lines of communication, and fostering a true spirit of leadership and teamwork within our company.” Patty holds a Masters in Teaching from Piedmont College and a Bachelors in Education from LaGrange College. Patty resides in Atlanta with her two sons and enjoys volunteering for charitable events and civic activities.


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