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What if you could know the answer to a question that could change the course of your life for the better? Would that be helpful? What if you were interviewing for jobs and you were unsure which offer to take? If you knew what lay ahead for each of those possible jobs, would that be helpful? What if you had the opportunity to expand your business but you weren't sure the offer you were contemplating was right? Making the wrong decision could cost you your business or job. Making the right choices in your profession requires full access to all guidance and is essential to your success. Accessing this guidance is my expertise. I provide expert intuitive guidance and coaching to women entrepreneurs and business professionals. After my corporate career ended, I studied and became a life coach in 2001. I continued my professional evolution to become a certified trainer and NLP coach (neuro linguistic programming). I also studied in Hawaii and became an Alaka'i Ho'omanaloa (teacher of Hawaiian wisdom and shamanism), and I access guidance from your highest guides via the akashic records. This is where all the juicy future and past information comes from! Julie is co-author of: The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude Tapping into God: Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum Specialties: Uncover past life insights that impact you professionally; Expert coaching to resolve current challenges; and providing critical information for future endeavors.


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Julie Hawkins



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